2023 Top Design Trends

2023 Top Design Trends

Are ready to ad some updated style, vigor, or comfort to your home but not sure what the currents trends are or where to start?  Some of them just  confirm what we have been seeing the last several years like shades of blue, open kitchen concepts, high-style stone countertops,  all of which pretty much stand the test of time.  But other trend predictions may surprise you: like plaster walls, high-gloss finishes, and warmer woods, just a few examples to note.  Here are some of the latest trends that you might consider....

#1 - Indestructible Fabrics

Linen fabrics are timeless and have never been out of style, and likely never will.  BUT, not the most durable fabrics and can easily pill or rip.  There are so many options that sort of mimic the look of natural linen but they are outdoor-friendly, resistant to stains, and  high performing materials. Add a washable rug, and you can now have a great designed space that functions as needed and doesn't sacrifice style. Many of these materials are made from recycled plastic and satisfy those who are passionate about sustainability and repurposing.

#2 - Plaster Walls 

Plaster is back - BIG TIME. It has a distinction that takes it up a notch from basic orange peel or boring drywall and it adds a comforting quality that adds a beautiful texture and interest. If it's plaster, it's all or mostly made by hand, which will wow your friends and guests with it's artistry. I went down the rabbit hole on YouTube and found all sorts of how to videos that will take some serious time, but will literally save you thousands!

#4 - Listening Rooms

Listening rooms, aka music rooms, were popular back in the day...it's where your grandmother piano would sit...rarely played.  But today, they are gaining popularity with the masses as vinyl is back with a vengeance . Basically, a listening room is a dedicated space for music, whether it's where you creating your own or where you play your favorite tunes to relax and unwind. Couple that with a plush rug and some comfy floor cushions and Viola, you have a listening room. Don't have an entire room to commit, use a dedicated corner of any room and transformed into your chill space.


#5 - Warm Woods

This is a trend that makes me so happy.  I have always loved my warm woods and refused to let them go when the trends were all white washed and cool.  I am thrilled to say that use of warmer tones in furniture AND fabric has made it's way back and will continue to rise.  The trend now is to stick with your cooler tones on your walls, floors, etc, but mix in warmer woods, leathers, and textured fabrics.  I say "BRING IT ON !!"

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